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A guide to Seattle area parks for the non-robust, lazy birders, and photographers.

All previews have a Things to Know section and photos at the end if you’re just looking for quick facts and aren’t interested in the detailed descriptive information.

Blog Key

Type of Park

Viewpoint = The view is the main reason to visit.
Local = A park primarily used by people living or working in the surrounding area.
Trip = A park unique enough to warrant going out of your way to see.
Destination = A very large park, usually with a wide variety of attractions/activities. People come from all over the greater Seattle area to visit it.

Other Terms

Preview = A post about a specific location with full details and photos.
Tangent = A post usually related to parks, birds, or photography in some way, but not a preview.
On the Road = A post about a location outside of Seattle and its immediate suburbs.
Combo Outing = A section in some previews with suggestions of other nearby locations to visit on the same trip.

Finding Info

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On Vacation


I’m currently in La Conner housesitting for my mom. Since this is my first vacation in a year and a half I didn’t feel like posting a preview this week. I might not next week either. My mom and her husband are gallivanting around with their trailer and I’m not even sure what day they’re coming back next week. Life is rough!

In the meantime, you can enjoy the view from my outing to Washington Park in Anacortes that I took earlier today. What a fabulous park! I will do a full preview in the future.


Photography for Beginners Part 20: Buying a Tripod

Each post in this series builds on information discussed in previous posts. See the Photography for Beginners page on the menu for links to all the posts.

Part 19:  Accessories Continued


A tripod is a necessary piece of photography equipment for anyone who wants the sharpest images possible and/or for doing long exposures. In this post we’ll discuss the various features to consider when purchasing a tripod.

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