Not Scapegoating. It’s Goatscaping!

I was reading an article not too long ago about a company in Portland that rents out goats to homeowners and property managers to help with landscaping. Goats are notorious for eating almost anything, which comes in handy if you have an overgrown lot or a garden that’s been neglected for many years.

Since I love goats, I thought it was a neato idea. The goats are happy, eager workers and the clearing of vegetation is done in an environmentally friendly manner. Plus, the workers are really cute. What’s not to love?

Now I’ve just read the article I linked to below. In Boston, the parks department is using goats to clear out poison ivy and other invasive plants. Cool beans. It’s an environmentally safe and economically sensible solution to an otherwise difficult problem.

I think Seattle should take note. I’d love to see goats at work in my local park.


2 thoughts on “Not Scapegoating. It’s Goatscaping!

  1. This summer for at least an entire week, a whole herd of goats got put to work in some brushy brambles under the Lake Washington Ship Canal Bridge (on the north side of the Ship Canal). My boys and I had a pretty good laugh every time we passed by. I think the company was called Rent-a-Ruminant. And a couple years ago, the WSDOT had goats busy munching away at the exit off I-5 at 65th St (Ravenna)…..


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