Pianos in the Parks



This is an odd, but wonderful, new tradition in Seattle. Last year was the first time it was done, and it was so popular it has been brought back this year, and doubled in size. It is literally putting pianos in public spaces, most of them parks.

Pianos of all kinds are donated to the program to be decorated by artists from the Gage Academy of Arts. The pianos are then set in public places around the greater Seattle area. You can simply admire them as public art installations, or you can take a seat and play. It doesn’t matter if you can only play Chopsticks, or if you want to impress those wandering nearby with your best jazz or classical piece, you’re free to have at it. Sometimes local musicians stop by to put on a free mini-concert.

The Pianos in the Parks website is here. The site explains about the program, lists the sponsors, and shows you where to find the 22 pianos. The unveiling ceremony was held at South Lake Union yesterday and all the pianos should be in place by this evening. They will be in their temporary homes until August 16th. If one of them really catches your eye you can bid on it in the online auction. Let there be art and music in the parks!


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