On the Road Photos

I think anyone who uses their camera for anything more than family and vacation snapshots develops some photographic idiosyncracies. It might be something relatively normal, like becoming obsessed with macro shots of flowers. Or you might find yourself taking photos of things most people would consider odd.

Usually over time you’ll notice there are certain subjects or types of scenes that pop up repeatedly, even if only occasionally, in your photographs. You might not even be aware of patterns until you look at your photo collection as a whole. Sometimes these are photos no one else is interested in looking at (like the ones I’m posting today!), but they provide you with inexplicable satisfaction. I have several such photographic tendencies, though they tend to wax and wane.

One of things I like to do is take pictures as I’m traveling in the car on solo trips. (I call them “on the road” photos.) This pretty much never results in quality photographs. They are by necessity taken very quickly, without benefit of a viewfinder or manually adjusted settings. There’s no opportunity for composition or to compensate for tricky lighting, and there are often spots or reflections from the windshield.

But the pictures still satisfy me on a personal level that is difficult to put into words. They bring back the enjoyment of traveling somewhere for the first time, or the unfettered feeling of being on the road by myself, getting to go where I like, when I like.

(The first two pictures were taken with a disposable film camera and rendered as relatively low resolution images on a CD, because my real camera decided that the first day of a five day trip to Canada was a good day to break!)

I’d love to hear about any of your odd but satisfying photography subjects in the comments.

Posted for Cee’s Which Way Challenge.


canada 06 7404

Crow’s Nest Highway in British Columbia – July 2006.


canada 06 7405

Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia – July 2006.

North of Hope, British Columbia - July 2007.

North of Hope, British Columbia – July 2007.

Near Marblemount, Washington - August 2008.

Near Marblemount, Washington – August 2008.

The Stuart Range from I-90 - August 2015.

The Stuart Range from I-90 in eastern Washington – August 2015.



4 thoughts on “On the Road Photos

    • Thanks, Cee. I always think of Oregon as our sister state. There are some distinct differences, but we have so many similarities in geography, climate, and flora and fauna. Also similarities in politics (both urban and rural), and having a large city that prides itself on being offbeat. 🙂


  1. I also love on the road shots but mine never turn out as good as yours. Of course that gorgeous scenery in British Columbia helps make the photos beautiful! I would love to take a road trip up there. And I haven’t been up through Marblemount in ages. I used to spend a lot of time up there because one of my high school friends lived up there.

    My photo archives are full of pet, squirrel and flower photos. I really wanted to branch out more this year but just haven’t been getting out much.


    • I love traveling in BC. That 2007 trip was the last time I was up there. I haven’t been able to afford trips like that for the last five years.

      You have great squirrel and flower photos. I have a billion pictures of my dog. He was very handsome! (And a good traveling companion.) He passed on in 2008.


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