Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday


ellensburg8-5-15 085


Sunday night, September 27th, will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2018.

If the weather cooperates (and it looks like it might!) it should be good viewing here in the Seattle area because it will be at a very convenient time. The eclipse will already be in progress when the full moon rises at 6:54 pm. The sun sets at 6:57 pm.

To add to the visual feast, Sunday night’s full moon will be a supermoon. That’s when the moon’s disc looks slightly larger, especially when it’s on the horizon right after moonrise.

Parks with an outlook to the eastern horizon will be good viewing spots. In Seattle that means any of the parks along Lake Washington. For those who have not watched a lunar eclipse before, it’s not a speedy event. The entire process takes over three hours. Which means if you can’t or don’t want to watch the whole thing, there is plenty of opportunity to see at least part of it.

Total eclipse starts at 7:11 pm. Mid-eclipse is at 7:47 pm.  Total eclipse ends at 8:23 pm, and the eclipse event ends completely at 9:55 pm.

So grab your camera and/or binoculars, warm clothing, and maybe some snacks, and head to your favorite east-looking park bench Sunday night around sunset.


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