Tower with a Flying Saucer on Top

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week has the theme “anything man-made.” One of my favorite man-made things is the Seattle Space Needle.

The Space Needle and I have a bond. We were born in the same year, during the nascent Space Age. Humans hadn’t been to the moon yet, but plans were made to go, and then we did. The Jetsons and Star Trek were on TV. So the Space Needle, which looked very flying saucerish, seemed a symbol of everything that was bright and shiny in the new era, and of great things yet to come.

I was living in Snohomish during grade school, and on the rare occasions we made a trip into the big city I was always so excited to see my first glimpse of the Space Needle. It was a sign that we had arrived and awe-inspiring in its own right. A few decades later I’m still just as impressed and excited every time I see it.

Photo taken in Volunteer Park – September 2015.



7 thoughts on “Tower with a Flying Saucer on Top

  1. Great shot….I can’t look at it without remembering the movie “Men In Black” the space needle was the alien aircraft in disguise….ha ha hahaha Such a beautiful piece of America. Hugs


    • Haha! I didn’t know that about the movie, but it’s perfect. (I lose a little geek cred because I’ve never been able to watch the movie all the way through.)


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