Happy Place

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge topic this week is “happy place.” My go-to Happy Place is physically too far away when I need it most. So it’s the place I always visualize in my head when I’m having trouble falling asleep or need to find some mental calm. This photo isn’t of the exact spot, which is up the valley a ways, tucked among mountains next to a river and meadow. My pictures of the Happy Place are all packed away in childhood photo albums. But this spot is part of the general area and seeing it still invokes all the peace and contentment associated with my Happy Place.


10-4-05 Leavenworth 048


Over the last several months the bluff at Carkeek Park has become a local happy place for me. It’s only about fifteen minutes away, so is readily available when I’m needing to unravel tension, feed a desire for open sky, and soak in the beauty of nature. It works on bright sunny days, and gray windy ones. It’s a good fill-in happy place.


3-8-2015 002



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