Tweet Treat

paramount7-21-15 014


The Daily Post’s photo challenge this week has the topic “treat” in honor of Halloween. “Share with us a photo of something that you consider a marvelous treat.”

At first I wasn’t going to participate because no photos in my archives came immediately to mind, nor any place to go to take a new photo in the wet, windy weather. But then I thought of this pileated woodpecker and how excited I was to see him that day.

Unexpectedly seeing an interesting bird is always a special treat for me. Even better if I can capture it with my camera.

This isn’t a quality photo, but it’s a miracle I came away with even this. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye as a bird leaped from bush to tree trunk. From the way it  was clinging to the trunk I thought, “woodpecker!” and brought my camera up, furiously snapping pictures before it could fly away.

He was in deep shade quite a way back in the bushes. I didn’t even realize at first how slow the shutter speed was because I was so thrilled at the sighting. This is the only photo of a dozen that turned out at all between the dim light and resorting to digital zoom. But amazingly he posed absolutely still long enough for this 1/15 exposure. What a treat!

Photo taken at Paramount Open Space Park in Shoreline, Washington – July 2015.



4 thoughts on “Tweet Treat

    • Sounds like you’re lucky enough to see them quite a bit. This was the first pileated I’d seen since I was a kid. (Though I admit I spent most years not paying a lot of attention.)

      It’s interesting how one act, getting a new camera a year ago, has coalesced into not only a renewed interest in photography for me, but also the new hobbies of birds and park exploring. All three things are now interwoven activities.


      • I do see pileated woodpeckers fairly often, although only when I’m out walking the dog and only have my inadequate phone camera with me. Now that I’ve captured the northern flicker, the pileated is next up on my list!

        It is funny how getting a new camera can tie in with and renew many other hobbies. I just wish it were easier to get out to take photos and explore those interests.


      • I look forward to you finally capturing a pileated woodpecker.

        You and me both on the easier to get out thing. Thankfully I don’t have the physical challenges you do, but my mental ones seem to make up for it. I have some wet weather gear on my Christmas wishlist this year though, so maybe that will help. (Everything but my hat wore out a few years ago.)


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