Front Row Seats

golden gardens view


“Outdoor seating” is the topic for this week’s Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. Perfect for me since I take a lot of photos of outdoor seating of all kinds for my park previews. Photo taken  February 2015 along the south stretch of the  park promenade at Golden Gardens.


7 thoughts on “Front Row Seats

  1. Beautiful! So nice to always have water close by. I wanted to tell you that you are right when saying that Verdins remind you of Bushtits. Both of them, along with Chickadees and Titmice, are members of the Paridae family.


    • Yes, Seattleites are very spoiled that way, since we are located on an isthmus, surrounded by water. Thanks for the info about verdins. I did look them up in my Audubon bird app after I saw your photos. One of the things I like about bird photography is getting to see birds that don’t ever appear around here.

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