half-light at log boom park


The theme for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge this week is half-light. The post describes it as: “that time just before dusk when the sky still holds light as darkness creeps across the land”.

I realized that I don’t often take half-light photos. It can be an awkward in-between time, with the light having grown too dim for many types of photographs, and the colorful sky that comes with sunset and twilight not yet arrived.

But I kinda like this one. I was getting ready to leave Log Boom Park as the light was fading a while before sunset. I like the way the leafless branches are silhouetted against the lake and late afternoon sky.


5 thoughts on “Half-Light

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  2. I love this photo and I also love your city. Taking photos in low fading light is hard, but you’ve done well here. Best wishes from Brisbane, Australia.


  3. Very pretty photo! I love the jet trail in the sky. It looks like a comet! The half-light time of day is my favorite. I love the way everything is so dark while the sky is still so light.


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