Here Comes the Sun

Graphic from

Graphic from

For those who are unlike me and don’t obsessively check weather sites or apps multiple times a day, you might be unaware that our rain and gloom is coming to a complete and welcome halt. At least temporarily. Just look at all those yellow balls in the forecast! I hope all of you in Western Washington are able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and beauty of nature this week.

I have so many parks on my to-do list that I’m all frazzled trying  to decide which to pick to make the most of it. I’m hoping to get to at least two places I’ve never been before.


3 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. After yesterday, I’ve decided I need to obsessively check Doppler radar in addition to my weather apps. It was cold, rainy and horrible at my house yesterday so I stayed home. My husband went north and ended up at Kayak Point where it was 55 degrees, sunny and beautiful! Even North Everett where my in-laws live was nice. Meanwhile, it was hailing at my house.

    Enjoy the sun and your park visits. I look forward to seeing your park previews and photos!


    • It always amazes me how different weather can be such short distances away. One of my weather apps is just the radar graphics. Quick way to see what’s going on. Another thing that can help is looking at area weather and traffic cams so you can see where it’s rainy/cloudy or broken clouds/sunny.


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