River Jordan

I’ve loved dogs my entire life, but due to various circumstances over the years I’ve only ever owned one. He was a Canaan Dog and his full name was Pleasant Hill River Jordan. Though, he was most often known to me as: Puppy Boy, Punkin Butt, Bubba, and Buddy. (I don’t intentionally get crazy with nicknames, they just pop out and some stick.) Jordan was born in 1995 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008.

Up until he was about two and a half years-old we made frequent use of the offleash areas at Marymoor and Golden Gardens parks.  But he was true to his breed and got less and less enthused about being around other dogs the older he got. So after that we avoided the dog parks, but still spent plenty of time enjoying other park areas together, both here in Seattle and when traveling.

In this first pic Jordan is four years-old. It’s one of my favorite photos of him. He was waiting for me to throw a ball while playing in my mom’s backyard.


fall 1999 pic004


Jordan suffered from pretty severe separation anxiety and always preferred to go with me, even if it meant he had to stay in the car when I was busy inside somewhere. But he had his own doggy apartment in the car, complete with bed, food, and water.




In this last photo he’s an old guy of eleven. I took it at Northacres Park. I admit to bias, but I always thought he was an exceptionally handsome dog.




Posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the theme of pets.


8 thoughts on “River Jordan

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  2. He was a very handsome dog! I love the freckles in his mouth. So cute! I’m glad to know we’re not the only ones that come up with crazy nicknames for our pets. 🙂


    • I don’t know where a lot of them come from, they just fall out of my mouth without thinking. The Puppy Boy nickname lasted until he was about two. One time I was at the Magnuson dog beach and got a huge kick out of the fact that a young woman there with her black lab kept calling her dog Puppy Boy also.

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