A Parade Just For Me

ellensburg-5-25-14 002


For the past few years I’ve gone over to Ellensburg to house and catsit for my aunt and uncle when they go away on longer vacations. It winds up being a vacation for me too.

In May 2014 I had stopped to get a take-out pizza in between the freeway and my aunt’s place because I knew after the drive over the mountains I wouldn’t feel like grocery shopping until the next day. After placing my order I stepped back outside to wait while it cooked, and realized that horses and buggies had replaced motorized vehicles.

It was so out of the blue. When I arrived it was just regular traffic on the street like any old day. No crowds were gathered on the sidewalk like an event was expected. Then boom, not cars but horses.

The riders were smiling, and many waved and said hello. It felt like they’d thrown a parade just for me to welcome me to town.


ellensburg-5-25-14 004


ellensburg-5-25-14 001


ellensburg-5-25-14 006


Posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the theme of events.


5 thoughts on “A Parade Just For Me

  1. What a fun, unexpected surprise! Ellensburg seems like a nice place to spend a weekend. Your photos make it look very relaxed. A parade without a gazillion people!


    • The town is so laid-back the speed limit on the large 4-lane street (pictured here) in front of the university is only 20 mph. (Drives me crazy!) No crowd in this instance because it seemed to be some kind of organized ride that probably went for some distance, including through town, rather than an actual parade. But it still felt like a welcome to Ellensburg parade put on for my benefit. 😀


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