Drying Feathers

1-12-15 041


This is a young double-crested cormorant drying its wings on a piling at Log Boom Park in January 2015. Unlike most water birds, cormorants’ feathers aren’t fully waterproof, so after they spend time diving for dinner they stand on a perch with wings spread to dry out.

This is a pretty lousy photo in general, especially since I was testing my new camera at higher ISO settings, the light was from behind, and twigs were in the way. But I do like the way the sunlight illuminated the wing feathers. Posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the topic of feathers.



4 thoughts on “Drying Feathers

  1. I like the illuminated feathers too! I keep hearing of places that people are seeing cormorants (like the trees along the Snohomish River) but they’re never there when I go through. It’s likely that I’ve seen them in the past and didn’t know what they were.


    • They are pretty good sized and have a distinctive shape, so once you’ve knowingly seen one you’ll easily recognize them in the future. (I saw one in the distance when on a picnic with a friend this last weekend and knew right away what it was based on its silhouette.)

      But I’d never seen/noticed one myself until I saw the one in this photo. I saw the wings spread out through the bushes and was all excited, what’s that?! But who knows how many times I’d been around them in the past and just never paid any attention? They are pretty common in the Puget Sound region and I’ve seen them at at least three of the parks I’ve previewed.


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