Nothing Like a Wood Boat



There’s nothing quite like an older wood boat. They have so much character and class. Contrast this lovely with the ultra modern boat in the background. Sure the new one is sleek, but not very interesting to look at.

Photo taken at North Passage Point Park and posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with the theme of old and new.



12 thoughts on “Nothing Like a Wood Boat

  1. My brother who lives on a big lake in Alabama loves old wooden boats too. Whenever we see one, which is not often, he asks me to take a picture for him. (I almost always have a camera when I’m down there.) I get the classic lines and the history of them are pretty special.


    • Yeah, it’s true you don’t see them much anymore. Which is understandable since they’re heck to maintain. The wood adds warmth and richness of color and texture, unlike the typical smooth all-white of modern boats.

      The style of the boat in this photo reminds me of one we went out on a couple times at a lake cabin owned by a family friend when I was still very young. Though that boat didn’t have wood like this.


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