Red Moon Rising


For more than a week the skies in much of Washington State have been full of smoke from forest fires burning in British Columbia. At times the smoke is so thick you can see it in street lights at night and from the Space Needle cam you can only see the nearest hills. From Seattle we haven’t seen the mountains since the smoke first arrived. People have irritated eyes and trouble breathing. It’s expected to continue like this until the weekend.

The smoke has made for some extremely eerie sunrises, sunsets, and moons. The theme for the WPC this week is the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. I’m missing water, but this photo I took of the full moon rising this week represents the other three quite nicely. The rocky soil of the moon, and the air full of smoke particles from distant fires.

I haven’t altered the colors, it really did look red as the moon rose through the thickest band of smoke on the horizon.

If you want to see what the city looks like with all the smoke visit the Space Needle cam.


Wonderful Water


The theme for the WPC this week is “satisfaction.” For me, water in its many forms is insanely satisfying. From small burbling fountains to the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Water is audibly satisfying. It can be melodious or deafening. Water is visually satisfying. It creates never-ending patterns and designs as it moves, or as wind riffles its surface. It reflects sunlight and moonlight in dazzling displays, or lights or scenery in peaceful calm. Even its taste. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of drinking cold water straight from a spring on a hot day.