Anywhere There’s Water


It’s a common topic on this blog that I love water in all its forms. What I haven’t mentioned is that when I’m asked to name a favorite anything, I usually can’t. I love reading too much to have one favorite book. I’ve enjoyed too many great movies to pick just one. Even my favorite color depends on context.

So when the topic for this week’s WPC was “favorite place” it didn’t surprise me that there was no way I could name a single, absolute favorite place. It also didn’t surprise me that most of my many favorite places have a unifying theme of being near water.

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After not leaving the house for three months this winter, I’ve been making the most of several of the sunny days we’ve had more recently, starting the second week in February. I’ve visited twelve different new parks and viewpoints! (Plus I’ve been to some of my regular parks in between.)

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American Wigeon at Matthews Beach

Matthews Beach is one of the best spots in Seattle to observe American wigeons. They hang out here in large flocks this time of year, grazing on the lawn and dabbling for water plants. On this trip I even saw a male Eurasian wigeon mixed in, but didn’t get a clear photo of him. (The Eurasians are uncommon visitors all the way from Siberia.)