La Conner Snapshots


I’m still house sitting in La Conner for another week. The weather for the past two weeks has been rainy and cloudy so I haven’t been to any parks or out playing with my camera. Got a lot of reading done though! Luckily I had a few nice days in the first part of my stay and snapped a lot of pics.

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Winter Wasn’t Done With Us Yet


I’m currently on vacation, so was slow in getting this post put together. Slow in transferring the photos from my camera SD card, slow in writing the post, slow in prepping it for posting. But vacations are for taking things slow, so I don’t apologize.

I arrived at my mom’s house in La Conner (about an hour north of Seattle) on Sunday, March 3rd. She and my stepdad are currently gallivanting around on a two month vacation. I’m borrowing their home for a vacation getaway for myself, while also making sure the house plants are watered and the neighborhood birdies and squirrels continue to be fed.

Last Wednesday, Mother Nature decided to demonstrate she was not yet ready to release her winter grip on us. I was talking on the phone with my mom at around 11 AM when I glanced out the den window and was shocked to see a furious flurry of fluffy flakes falling. I interrupted my mom by blurting into the phone, “It’s snowing!”

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Seattle Snowmageddon 2019 – Part 2


Seattle is packing our entire winter into two weeks this year. It has snowed again. Twice.

The “potentially significant” storm arrived on Friday and it started snowing in the afternoon. The temperature where I live was hovering right around freezing and the snowfall wasn’t that heavy, so not much was sticking and roads remained wet and bare.

But as night fell the temperature dropped and the clouds unloaded big time. I woke up early Saturday morning to almost 6 inches of fresh snow. Wow.

With deeper snow than last week, and it not being as cold, driving was looking to be trickier this time through the wet and heavy white stuff. And I wasn’t feeling at all enthused about clearing off my car. But I couldn’t resist. I wanted to go out and see the sights because we only get this much snow in the city once every decade or so.

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