MIA and a Photography Video Rec

I’ve been missing in action lately because I’ve been having a rotten month. First my tablet died, which was totally demoralizing because it not only contained my app that keeps all my photos organized, but also took with it several blog posts that I’d been working on. Hours of work down the drain that I have to recreate.

Then I got an infection, so spent a week in pain and feeling generally crummy.

Then a friend died unexpectedly, which has hit me hard.

So yeah. Haven’t been feeling up to the work needed to get back on track with blogging yet. Just getting my replacement tablet partially set up took a couple weeks, and I still don’t like it nearly as much as my previous tablet. I’m dreading having to go through all my photos on my laptop and reorganizing again! (They’re just stored by date not subject, and retain a lot of pics that need deleting.)

My plan is to try to dig into things again after the holidays. So I’m not gone, just hopelessly delayed for a bit.

I did just watch an interesting video on YouTube that’s worth mentioning. It’s about using intuition to improve your photography. So much about photography is technical, even guidelines about composition. This video talks about how to simplify things and follow your instincts in order to capture more creative images. For those who read my Photography for Beginners series, you know I like to stress that the most important thing is to please yourself, and the video directly addresses that. You can watch it here.



Photography for Beginners Part 14: Night Photography

Each post in this series builds on information discussed in previous posts. See the Photography for Beginners page on the menu for links to all the posts.

Part 13:  Light, Time of Day, and Weather


In the previous post I had a section on night photography, and I’ve mentioned several related aspects throughout this series. But here I want to expand on the topic and gather all the tips in one place.

This post got to be too long, so I’m breaking it up into two parts.

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