Seattle Parks Filmed in 1977

I just stumbled over this little movie on YouTube. (Link below.) It’s a 1977 short by Marvin Albert filmed in various Seattle parks. It’s fun guessing which parks the scenes are in, and seeing the clothing and cars.

Seeing the city skyline is shocking though. I mean, I know the skyline has changed dramatically in my lifetime, but somehow I’d forgotten just how sparse the skyscrapers were in the late ’70s.

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Monsoon IV

Not too long ago I posted about the wild weather time-lapse films Mike Olbinski makes. He’s just posted his latest on YouTube, Monsoon IV. His time-lapses of the desert southwest monsoon storms are stunning. You can watch it here.

Shoot Like a Film Camera Game

credit: Jim Grey


Instead of posting the next part in my Photography for Beginners series today I’m presenting Omar Gonzalez’s photography game as a change of pace. You can treat this as a game purely for fun or as a personal challenge.

It should be enjoyable for photographers of any skill level. But it’s also educational for novice photographers or those who have never used a 35mm film SLR camera before.

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