Events on the Canal

This Sunday the 30th Heron Habitat Helpers will be at Commodore Park with telescopes. If you’d like to watch great blue herons tending to their chicks in the rookery this is a great time to go. The event is from noon to 1:30 pm and naturalists will be on hand to provide info and answer questions. I think they’ll be set up in the west section near the parking lot.

Starting on May 28th the free outdoor music concerts will begin at the Ballard Locks. The concerts are held near the Visitor Center most Saturdays and Sundays through September 16th. July 4th this year marks the centennial of the locks, so there will be a lot going on this summer. See this page for more details.


Holy Moly, That’s Big!

Up until about fifteen minutes ago I was impressed with the size of many of Seattle’s parks. Now my bubble has been burst.

Discovery is Seattle’s largest park with over 500 acres. Now I’ve discovered that several Discovery Parks would fit into the largest city parks around the US. Seattle has about 6,200 acres of parkland in total. Imagine my surprise when I read that there are single city parks with almost as much or more acreage.

If you’d like to see the list go to this post at the City Parks blog.

Be Careful at Carkeek

I was at Carkeek Park last night and discovered that the park road did not come through the frozen winter and spring melt unscathed. (That may be an overly dramatic description of Seattle weather, but we did have a real winter this year.)  There are several quite serious potholes. So be careful driving through lest you break your car.

Also, on my way out I saw two glittering piles of car window glass on the pavement in the lower meadow parking area. Obviously two cars had been broken into, probably while their owners were out on the trails.

It’s an unfortunate fact of life that Seattle’s most popular parks attract thieves along with lovers of the great outdoors. Golden Gardens can be especially bad at times. If you will be leaving your car at a park for an extended time in order to take a promenade, hike a trail, or picnic somewhere in the distance, make sure you don’t leave anything visible in the car that would tempt someone to break in and grab it. Whenever possible, try to engage in your park activities in sight of where you parked so you can keep an eye on things.