Help Wanted

Looking for Park Preview Contributors


I live in north Seattle, which means that I rarely cover parks in the south, west, or east of the greater Seattle metro area. That’s fine for folks who also live up this way, but a ton of great locations are left out.

If you like the purpose of the Park Preview Blog and have the time and skills needed, I would love to have you as a guest contributor. If you just want to cover your favorite park that’s fine. If you would like to cover several parks that’s even better!


Areas I’m looking for:


West Seattle

South Seattle

Southern suburbs

I’m also interested in previews of special places to go in other towns and cities, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Any park or viewpoint that a non-robust traveler could comfortably visit while in your area that is worth adding to a potentially busy itinerary.



Camera that takes decent quality photos (no blurry phone pics).

Ability to communicate clearly in written English.

Willingness to collaborate with me on the final presentation. (This means potentially accepting some editing of your writing.)


Guest contributor duties and rights:

Be familiar with this blog, understanding its focus and purpose.

Know the blog key definitions.

Cover parks of your choice as long as they fit into the overall theme. I will not make assignments.

Use the same format that I use for every preview post: type, location, special features, park entrance, preview, things to know, and resources. (Things to know should include: seating, bathrooms, parking, and usage. It can also include photo ops if applicable, and special notes if there is other info that is important to highlight.)

Within the format framework write about the park using your own individual style, giving a virtual tour by discussing what you think non-robust visitors will want to know and what makes the park special. Feel free to add in personal opinions or experiences from your own trips to that park. Also include any seasonal information you think is relevant.

You’re trying to convey the feel and layout of the park by combining both words and images.

When taking photos and writing about the park keep in mind that people have different needs. Someone with a bad knee might care about how far it is from the parking lot to a viewpoint bench and someone with anxiety might care about how crowded the park is on a typical day. Try to cover all the basics.

Do not elaborate about hiking trails, ball fields, children’s play areas etc. Mentioning they exist is good, but details are unnecessary for the purposes of this blog.

Take photos of key park features to accompany the preview, including photos that show points of interest, bathroom locations, seating, parking availability, distances, and walking path conditions. It’s better to take too many photos and not use them all than to realize you left things out.

The photos aren’t intended to be artistic. The most important thing is that they present a visual virtual tour that allows people to get a clear idea of what to expect. Though when taking your photos, plan to get one or two that are especially scenic or colorful and that convey the overall feel of the park. You’ll use one of those as the featured photo for the preview.

It’s probable that you will need to make more than one trip to the park in order to do a complete preview. Sometimes while doing the write-up you’ll realize there’s a part of the park you haven’t been in yet. Or when looking at the photos you’ll notice they aren’t quite what you wanted.

Making several trips also means you can compare the park at different times and in different weather. If you can take photos showing what the park is like in different conditions that’s even better.

All submitted photos must be pictures you took personally. They cannot be photos from friends or taken from other sources. (This is to avoid copyright infringement.) Try to avoid showing people’s faces in photos unless they are in the distance and indistinct.

There are no deadlines or minimum number of contributions.

You can do a preview on a park that has already done as long as you feel you have a different take on it or have substantial information to share that was missed.

Use the Contact form to let me know of your interest. Do not send me any photos until we have discussed your participation and I have accepted your preview for publication.

You will get full credit for any guest previews you write and the accompanying photos.

Guest contributors receive no remuneration or reimbursement.

By sending me a completed preview and photos, you grant me a non-exclusive right to publish them on the Park Preview Blog for as long as I see fit. You retain your copyright to your original writing and photos.

Use the contact form on this site to contact me about being a guest contributor.


If you don’t want to be a full collaborator, but feel I misrepresented something about a park or left out important information, please use the comments section under that preview post. And thanks for helping!