Street Lamps with Topknots


All over Seattle you see spikes and wires added to the tops of lights to discourage perching seagulls, crows, and pigeons. It’s an only somewhat successful idea as I’ve seen plenty of birds carefully standing amongst the sharp points. At least in this case the wires are part of the design in an attempt to make it more attractive, unlike the majority where it’s added as an ugly afterthought. Still looks a bit silly though.

Cee’s B&W Challenge this week has the topic of lights.



An Unexpected Gift


On Friday I arrived in Ellensburg to house sit for my aunt for a week, my first vacation in two years. The normally two hour drive ended up taking just under four hours, and today’s post was going to be about an unplanned sidetrip to Snoqualmie while attempting to avoid part of a hideous traffic jam on I-90.

But on Saturday night at around 11:30 pm, as I was checking my Facebook feed after a strenuous day of reading and dozing, I read a post from meteorologist Scott Sistek that the Aurora Borealis was visible. And here I was away from the city!

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