Yes, You’re in My Shot


While I was shooting the aurora last September, a group of students from China joined us out on the breakwater. They just happened to be in the park when the lights started to dance and came over to see what all the hullabaloo was about. They got very excited, but couldn’t capture it on their cell phones, so were snapping pics of the images we were getting as we displayed them on the backs of our cameras for them.

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Seattle Parks Filmed in 1977

I just stumbled over this little movie on YouTube. (Link below.) It’s a 1977 short by Marvin Albert filmed in various Seattle parks. It’s fun guessing which parks the scenes are in, and seeing the clothing and cars.

Seeing the city skyline is shocking though. I mean, I know the skyline has changed dramatically in my lifetime, but somehow I’d forgotten just how sparse the skyscrapers were in the late ’70s.

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